Granita 3

New Granita is available.

All the information you need on your wrist

  • Pedometer adjustable
  • New Back
  • Battery access simplified
  • New Blu Bezel
  • Ideal for mountaineering, skiing, ski touring, freeriding, running, biking, paragliding and many others activities. Perfect in urban lifestyle with 10 trendy colors.

Outdoor sport watch, User friendly, Fiber glass strengthened, Latest embedded technologies, Extremely light weight 55g, Interchangeable straps available in 10 different colors, Altimeter, Barometer, Altitude change, Up speed average, Inclinometer, Temperature, Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, Pedometer, Time, Date, DST, GMT, Water resistance 5 ATM, Anti-Shock material, EL backlight, Long battery life CR2032 (12-months autonomy)

Blu Azzurro


Yellow Sun

Red Oranged

W-Glass secure

W-Glass Secure is a sandwich composed of a translucent polymer layer on which a mineral glass layer is added. In case of breakage of the mineral glass layer, the watch is still protected by the unbreakable but scratch-resistant polymer layer.

However, you can continue to use your watch with complete peace of mind, as the mechanical properties are intact. You will be able to replace the broken glass by yourself without any problem for a small fee. W-Glass Secure is a patented concept owned by Nooze Technologies AG, Industriestrasse 47 CH-6300 ZUG.

TEchnical specifications

Polycarbonate fiberglass strengthened Diam. 43mm
4 stainless steel pushers 316L
Polycarbonatel back 
Water resistant 5 ATM
Greyscale LCD display positive or negative


Time, Date, DST (daylight saving time)
Weather forecast

4 sec. blue EL backlight
Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, Pedometer
Altimeter in ft. or meter
Barometer (incl. diary)
Altitude change : up speed average, up sum, down sum, peak record
Temperature F° or C°


Weight: 55 grams

Reach and EN1811 (Pb Ni) compliance conformity

149,00 €

10 colors available


Anallergic interchangeable silicone strap
Stainless steel buckle 304L black PVD coating

Need colors ? So easy to change.

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