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By Outdoor Lovers for Outdoor Lovers

Air'n Outdoor is established in Geneva, in the heart of the Alps

Our activity is linked to the development of electronic outdoor watches.

The mountain by its majesty, is a space of freedom where the concentration on the environment must be permanent. Our products offer the essential information, without superfluous artifice.

This year, we are collaborating with the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix by offering Theia Exclusive a limited edition а 200 pieces commemorating 200 years of existence.

All our products meet а precise specifications:

  • A watch with an autonomy of approximately one year. No need for a charger.
  • An easy to use software, in order to obtain the useful information, without artifice.
  • The most accurate data by using the best components available and coupling them with data superior а the standard.
  • A product that is as light as possible, yet strong and resistant to the harsh conditions found in the mountains.

We develop our own integrated circuits with the best components available and are happy to collaborate with Meteosuisse on an ad hoc basis.


W-Glass secure

W-Glass Secure is a sandwich composed of a translucent polymer layer on which a mineral glass layer is added. In case of breakage of the mineral glass layer, the watch is still protected by the unbreakable but scratch-resistant polymer layer.

However, you can continue to use your watch with complete peace of mind, as the mechanical properties are intact. You will be able to replace the broken glass by yourself without any problem for a small fee. W-Glass Secure is a patented concept owned by Nooze Technologies AG, Industriestrasse 47 CH-6300 ZUG.

Our family

Federica Mingolla, Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Jean Annequin  Roger Schaeli, Symon Welfringer,Xavi Llongueras, Fabien Dupuis, Emmanuel Daigle, Sophie Lavaud, Compagnie des Guides Chamonix Mont Blanc.

All our products are developed and tested under the most extreme conditions in the Alps or at sea in South of France by our athletes and guides.

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